Making the switch

It's time to tee off in the right direction.

Making the switch

Today, in 2022, human-induced climate change is the largest, most pervasive threat to the natural environment and societies the world has ever experienced. Greenhouse gas emissions have reached record highs, with the last seven years being the warmest on record. Our planets addiction to using fossil fuels has created a multitude of problems for our environment, animals, livelihoods and communities. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest contributors to the problem. Plastic is not biodegradable and sadly, most of it ends up polluting our oceans. At every step in the life cycle of plastic, even long after it is discarded, it creates greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to global warming.

Establishing a circular economy is crucial in reducing plastic pollution and global warming... this is why here at Masters247, we have made a conscious decision to start doing our part in reducing the amount of plastic we use in our manufacturing and distribution in order to shrink our carbon footprint. Earlier this year, we turned off our injection moulding machines that produce our infamous golf tees and we have started exploring greener alternatives. We hope that by doing this, we not only limit our own contribution to plastic pollution, but we will also help to inspire other retailers and distributors to follow in our footsteps and join us in making the switch.

Further to this, we have begun to explore the use of biodegradable and/ or recyclable packaging as well as a range of eco-friendly products such as bamboo tees and pitchforks, wooden ballmarkers, merino wool hats and reusable water bottles to name a few. As a company, we recognise how important it is to make these changes, and we strive to become more sustainable to ensure our future generations are still able to enjoy golf as much as we do.

We have also activated a number of ‘greener’ initiatives including the testing of new and sustainable materials to use in the future – in partnership with the amazing innovation team at the University of Exeter. In addition to this, in May 2022, we also entered a new and exciting partnership with Edinburgh Napier University to support their research into the possibility of converting wood and bamboo sawdust into usable material for construction, packaging and most importantly to us, golf tees. As industry leaders with an extensive knowledge of golf tee production, we are advising on the project in a supportive capacity to help with product development. We feel it is pertinent to be involved in the development of new materials, processes and ways we can contribute to a greener future for the sport we love.

Do you want to join us in helping save our greens? Tee off in the right direction. Make small changes that make a big difference and join us in making the switch.